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Description of the Book:


A product of the 20 day poetry challenge, this book entails poetic embodiments from my life as a university student and the contemplations and adventures that supplemented it. The themes of the poem include introspection, family, London, transitions and my personal favourites. I prefer to look at life with a tinge of lavender since it proffers me with optimism and strength and these poems reflect the same.

A Tinge of Lavender : Poetic Ruminations

SKU: 9781005302245
  • Author's Name: Antra Gulaty
    About the Author: A girl in her early 20's, on a quest to probe into the intricacies of life. I have always enjoyed expressing myself through storytelling and have chosen writing as a medium to convey my thoughts. I am an avid believer of idealism and a romanticist by heart and am riveted by diverse experiences of life. I wish to make waves in the world by offering my two cents through pondering and deliberation.
    Book ISBN: 9781005302245


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