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Description of the Book:

This poetry collection is my menagerie of words that I'm handing over to you with a lot of thought and love. It's my treasure that I am sharing for the world to see– fragile and precious. Within these pale pages, lie my deepest and darkest inhibitions: my anxieties, my despair, my loss, occasional happiness and my perpetual hopelessness. These poems are a frantic search for a better world, for a promised tomorrow that can help overcome the agony of tonight. Share with me the time you had an honest conversation with yourself. Join me with a cup of coffee as we contemplate life and death alike. Let's sleep under the star-lit sky and read our favourite verses aloud. Together, let's confront the thoughts that scare us, scar us; feel pain in its entirety but spare some space for solemn smiles because you now have a companion on this journey. Let these poems give you a glimpse of my silly struggling mind, laid out carefully as snapshots of pain, as _A Thousand Sordid Images_.

A Thousand Sordid Images

  • Author's Name: Neha Ramrakhyani
    About the Author: Neha Ramrakhyani, a moon lover, an overthinker, and a firm believer of humanity, is often found contemplating life (and death) at 3 am – her favourite time of the day – which she has devoted to her first love: poetry! She wrote her first poem when she was 14 and there has been no looking back ever since. A postgraduate in English Literature, she enjoys reading and subsequently, is heavily influenced by poets like T.S.Eliot and Sylvia Plath. She loves to sit by the balcony with a cup of _chai_ and have rain as her companion. She feels strongly about the worrisome condition of mental health, especially after surviving her suicide attempt due to her depression. She writes about her mental health to destigmatize the taboo around the subject and express its importance in our lives. Currently, she is busy with her second love: cooking, by running a small start-up called 'Love to Serve'. She believes in the power of kindness and uses it to spread smiles to strangers and friends alike.
    Book ISBN: 9781005311766


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