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Description of the Book:

A Tale of Zero is collection of poems written by Paul Z. Tao, through the eyes of 'Zero'. Each poem aims to intimately explore the different thoughts and experiences we as humans, have in this life. Through beauty and wisdom, the words within each poem seeks to guide one's heart back to the pure essence of who they are.

A Tale of Zero: The Unfinished Collection

  • Author's Name: Paul Z. Tao
    About the Author: Surprisingly enough, it was 2020 where my life took a turn for the better (I didn't know it back then). Feeling battered and broken- after everything I held dear crumbled from my life, I left my old, familiar world behind and set forth on a journey to heal. (Which mainly consisted of months of crawling aimlessly on the floor, gathering the scattered pieces of my heart and soul.) With the pain finally becoming too much to bear and no support to lean on, I turned to the last place I could for help- the Universe. It was from here that begun the unfolding of repeated, unfathomable events. Events that can be deemed nothing less than miracles from a greater, unknown source. To receive the blessing in experiencing these 'miracles' first-hand, I rose step-by-step, out of my own shadows, with a new direction and reinvigorated love of life. For this reason, I share these poems- in order to gain a deeper and more intimate understand this mysterious power; and to hopefully one day, touch the heart of humanity- so that we may return to something so beautifully profound, but has sadly been severed from our modern yet, dying existence. Paul Z. Tao. From the beautiful Sydney, Australia.


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