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Description of the book

This book is a journey of two people around the ups and downs of life, the climax, the fated reunions, the vows, the wishes made by those two. A love story turned out to be a journey till present, it is a continuous loop from the first poem to the last, just go through it and indulge in the life of a soul and a spirit full of emotions.

A string to our souls

  • Aarush Kashyap
    Aarush Kashyap, a joyous and jocose mindset along with many imaginary worlds revolving around him makes it perfect for him to come up with bizarre plots and ideas. Someone works on a lot of romantic plots leading to heart break or love struck is very common for him. But besides the romantic twists he also looks forward to work on different fields like philosophy and science fiction. He also looks forward to make people enjoy and relate to his words.


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