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Description of the Book :


I dream of a long lost land of sun and rain, a hearth of warm beauty blanketed by the breeze of summer. This place has many names; all are true and all are beautiful. It is here I long to find my home, tucked safely away behind the shades of murky shadow and the cold bite of winter. Both I know well. Both we all are. Both you shall find here.

A Sky That We Might Reach

  • Author's Name : Yonas Campbell 
    About the Author : I was very fortunate to grow up in Grayshott, a small town filled with warm people and natural beauty. From my earliest childhood days of storytelling (playing with action figures) to recent years of poetry and song, my home town blossomed within me as a wonderful source of creative inspiration. As I enter my twenties, creativity seems a necessity rather than a choice; and it has given me so much. Were it not for my love for - and obsession with - poetry, I would not have begun to write songs and open myself up to a whole new world of melodic wonder. God only knows what I'd be without you, my dear poesy.
    Book ISBN : 9781561779710
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