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Description of the Book :


A Skeleton Without a Face is my journey through suicidal ideation, depression, and falling in love in the midst of that. The darkness feels like home to me. It’s all I know. I’ve battled Borderline Personality Disorder for quite a while now. It’s a rollercoaster of disaster. Just know that I see you. I hear you. I know what kind of demons are trapped in your mind. Please, take the time to read this, absorb it, and let it comfort you. You are not alone, because I am here.

A Skeleton Without A Face

  • Author's Name : Taryn Kliewer
    About the Author : Why am I so afraid of death? Why am I afraid of nothingness-the end of all inevitable and incurable darkness that consumes my mind? The darkness has always and will always consume me. It’s unavoidable, but I’m learning to accept it and be comfortable.
    Book ISBN : 9798418269003
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