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Description of the Book :


The poems are based on the ‘feeling’ state of mind that presented itself on each day of penning them down. With every sunrise, a new emotion, or a different experience became my guide, and words would begin to flow. Each poem comes with a unique experience, either in the past, or in the course of putting down what’s on the mind. The entire process of writing this book was sort of like an open secret; I’ve put down parts of me, embedded in lines or verse, which are obvious, or not? This book is a beautiful instance of my relationship with my emotions, being very aware, and taking care of them graciously, gracefully and gratefully.



A series of super fortunate chances - Penning down, successfully

  • Author's Name :  Sushreeta Sule
    About the Author :  Sushreeta Sule is a practicing psychologist and has been working in the field of mental health for over four and a half years. She has successfully made use of writing as a tool of creative expression with her clients, which has enabled help them get in touch with their emotions. She herself has been fond of writing since a very young age, and has written or contributed to articles or columns, talking about mental health. Sushreeta is a very passion driven person who ensures that no stone is left unturned to help people achieve a healthy state of mind. She ‘practices what she preaches’, in the sense, Sushreeta herself uses the creative arts to maintain a healthy state of equilibrium towards her own mental health.
    Book ISBN :  9781005368067
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