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Description of the Book:

This is a collection of my reflections of various moments and experiences in the past two years that really left an imprint in my mind. Love, sadness, calmness, realisations, introspections, anger, beauty, wonder, mystery, and playfulness are just some of what I’ve expressed in this book in no particular order.

A Sensory Collage

  • Author Name: Varun Naik
    About the Author:  Varun Naik is a Peace Educator trained in critical pedagogy from the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. He has worked for more than 4 years in the education and development sector in various roles: a teacher, curriculum designer, and workshop facilitator. He is passionate about creating engaging, interactive, stimulating, thought provoking, and fun educational experiences because he believes that's what will holistically transform the world and that's what he’s looking to do. In his free time he likes to dabble in poetry, play football, create music with his guitar and bansuri, practice yoga, read books, and entertain himself with board games and poker.
    Book ISBN: 9785251003666


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