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Description of the Book:


From writing poems about the moonlight's gaze to crafting a token of appreciation for a family member, "A Realm of Her Own" is a collection of poems that are reflected from the wonders of imagination. It encapsulates the tranquility of nature, rising issues humans face today, and much more. Each poem is a journey to the depths of emotions that may even touch the reader's heart, leaving an essence of joy and euphoria.

A Realm of Her Own

SKU: 9789363319462
  • Author's Name: Shreya Siju

    About the Author: Shreya Siju is known to be a character powered by the will to create & pursue. She is known as an author & poet in the realm of literature. She started this passion ever since a young age and has been honing her skills to her finest as she published books as well as a blog comprised of her writings along the way. Outside the domain of writing, she is a computer science high school student in Edison, New Jersey in which she lives with her loving parents and older sister. Additionally, Shreya is known to have an empathetic, hilarious, and relatable nature.
    Book ISBN: 9789363319462
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