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Description of the Book:

The timeless flight took her farther away,
She saw the horizon being reflected below her as she flew,
Exploring the canvas of her face in the wide expanse of the sea,
Recalling the words from the land where none wore spectacles of kindness,
She decided on choosing the future, not the past…..
The lines above have been partially extracted from the various poems in this collection, giving the readers a glimpse of what they can expect. They shed light on the essence of the book, the significance of giving a voice to one’s feelings. As individuals, people have their own journeys in life, their own problems to deal with, their own battles to fight, their own achievements to celebrate, but what ties them together is their emotions. Across situations, everyone experiences similar joyous palpitations, nervous butterflies, sorrowful lows and more. Through these poems, the writer urges the readers to prioritise the expression of every feeling, emotion and sentiment. As the title suggests, our lives must have ‘A Rainbow of Expressions’.

A Rainbow of Expressions

  • Author Name:Nishtha Kalra
    About the Author:An educator by profession, Nishtha Kalra hails from little-known Faridabad. She explored her writing prowess for the first time at 16. Her family and friends think of her as someone who forms deep caring bonds, takes up responsibilities, converses freely and shares her thoughts candidly. From the very beginning, writing has been a form of sincere expression for her. It has been the channel through which she interacts with herself and uncovers layers of latent feelings. She enjoys writing poems and short stories the most. ‘A Rainbow of Expressions’ is her first individual book as an author. Prior to this, she has contributed to three anthologies - Blossoms, Mélange D’ Amour and The Book of 250 Best Poems. Nishtha aims to make her work relatable for readers and unfold the tales hidden under everyday circumstances. She believes that a writer and reader may not know each other, but the written word can connect them. When she is not teaching, learning or writing, she likes spending time watching content that interests her, experimenting in the kitchen and gazing at the moon when the opportunity presents itself. Metaphors from these domains often find a mention in her work. Instagram:


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