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Description of the Book :


This collection of poetry was written in May of 2021 amid the conclusion of what will perhaps be known as the strangest year ever in education. Oscillating between free verse and flirtations with form, these lines reflect the voice of a father, husband, and teacher observing life with quiet wisdom and subtle humor. As people strive to be heard over the noise of social media and children vie for attention by attempting to shout over one another, these poems offer a quiet contrast, often conjured during the silent minutes between bedtime and sleep, or captured in spare moments between tasks in an empty classroom.

A Quiet Takes Over

  • Author's Name :  Travis Charles Hagan

    About the Author :  Travis Charles Hagan is a middle school teacher, songwriter, and music producer born September 27, 1983 in Dallas, Texas. He grew up mostly in Plano, Texas, as well as Chesterfield, Missouri, for a few formative years wherein his family’s house backed up to the woods. He holds a bachelor's degree in creative writing from Texas State University and has been teaching in the public setting for four years. Travis has been making music his whole life, most recently under the moniker Painter Fingers. His work includes seven singles, four music videos, and a full-length album titled Un, all of which were self-produced out of his home. He currently lives in Leander with his wife Phoebe, daughter Lucy, and two dogs, Chuck and Finn.
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