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Description of the Book:

Eighteen poems, selected from my first twenty-five years of poetry and prose. This selection covers a myriad of forms, styles, and themes; they are meant to capture moments, feelings, or ideas in as many different ways as possible. This is done both for the sake of the exercise, and to be consistent with what the poem wants to convey.

A Quarter Century of Poetry

  • Author Name: Larisa Thorne
    About the Author:A creative child whose imagination knew no limits grew up to become a physicist. While the wild imagination remained, it began to become constrained by the physical laws of nature. A challenge to compose eighteen poems in as many days was exactly what was needed to reawaken the artist; the results of which are contained in this book. I take secret delight in the fact that a book of poetry will be published before my dissertation.
    Book ISBN:9798412384092


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