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Description of the Book:


“It is time To tie the loose ends And sew my thoughts together” So, says Zehra Ahmed, in this introspective collection of poems. In this book, you will find thoughts born from her experiences of change as a migrant millennial trying to juggle her whim, mental health, and sense of identity at times of what she believes are existential crises. The poetry comes from heavy moments of loss and anticipation when moving across countries, people, and perspectives. You will explore the pains and strengths of letting go and maintaining a sense of self amidst new beginnings.

A Place like Mars

  • Author's Name: Zehra Ahmed
    About the Author: Zehra Ahmed was born in 1995 in Hyderabad, India, after which she was whisked away to Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a baby, becoming one of the world’s youngest migrants. She grew up in Dubai where she completed many of life’s milestones, like walking, graduating from university and making lifelong friends. With an avid interest in social psychology, she has been a master’s student in London, United Kingdom, where she befriended a number of foxes. She currently finds herself working in Ontario, Canada as a social and corporate Research Associate. In her free time, Zehra likes playing music, stargazing, and indulging in unnecessarily profound discussions with other millennials.


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