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When a person moves from one side of the globe to the other, sometimes it’s just their physical self that migrates with them - but - what about their soul, their hopes, desires and dreams? Is it possible to fully detach yourself from a place your lineage has called home, a place you once called home and a place you have no wish but to call home? We often tell those that have migrated safely to this ‘side’ that they’ve made it now, that’s they’ve come to the land of their dreams - but then why do we dream of the land we left behind both willingly and unwillingly, why do we feel so attached to a place we’ve barely known?

A Place Called Home

SKU: 9789358363432
  • Author's Name :  Husa Spugmay Pasarly
    About the Author :  Having migrated from Afghanistan to England in 2008, Husa’s childhood , like that of many others , was filled with hopes and big dreams. But her dreams slightly different to those of her peers- she dreamt of world peace, of her motherland, her friends and family that she had left behind, of one day returning. While it was a source of insecurity at the time, it’s her little notebook and pen that has allowed her way to navigate her way through life. As she grew up with emotions to complex to understand and her identities all mixed and inseparable now, she began to express her emotions and thoughts linguistically- perhaps to be a voice for and display the struggles of the diaspora community or perhaps to try and comprehend it for herself.
    Book ISBN :  9780463344651
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