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Description of the Book :


This book is a collection of internal dialogues between myself and the self. When the mountain seems impossibly high, or the hole is too deep to crawl out of, desperation appears, and these are the words of a desperate mind and a naive heart.

A pinch of yarn

  • Author's Name : Kayur Patel
    About the Author : Kayur Patel is an aspiring artist in Austin. Kayur began his artistic journey through dance in India and continued traveling through it after moving to the United States. He has added writing and music to his artist toolbelt. His goal is to integrate art as an outlet and medium for modern healing and educational practices. Kayur has worked with artist communities as a performer and choreographer. He was selected as a featured artist at community showcases for his work regarding trauma and racial healing.
    Book ISBN : 9798420582886
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