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Description of the Book :


"Just wish to share some space I have opened up inside myself with you. If you would join me for a moment, a cup of tea, or coffee, a toke, or just a simple read of one of my poems, I would love to offer you a little piece of my peace. 
It took me a while to find this space and now that I have it, I wish to share what's here. it's nice here. 
Stay a while if you can.
Take it with you if you like."

A Piece of Peace

  • Author's Name : Gene Berd
    About the Author : "Gene wishes to communicate to all people and creatures of the earth. There are many languages and many forms of communication; little by little, Gene is learning them one by one. Dancing, drumming, breathing, blinking, whistling, and just being present are all possible forms of communication and so is the poetic use of the English language, using which Gene hopes to ""communicate the uncommunicable."""
    Book ISBN : 9798417721939
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