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“I rise with my red hair and eat men like air.”- Lady Lazarus (Sylvia Plath)

A Phoenix in the Making is a collection of musings turned into poetry that captures the innermost turmoil and emotions of the human mind. Poetry as an art form is not merely meant to be loved but felt as well as lived, an idea explored through each poem that finds a place in this space. The poet identifies with the legend of the phoenix and believes that no matter how tough life gets, one is tough enough to handle the turbulences. A Phoenix in the Making represents hope in hopelessness, the glorious energy of the divine feminine and recognises the power of the ‘I’. Each poem tells a personal tale involved in the making of a Phoenix and as one delves deeper into reading, the reader begins to wonder if the tales are personal or instead collective? Isn’t the Phoenix You? Aren’t these poems about you and your life?

A Phoenix in the Making invites you to dive into a world which is yours and encourages you to rise from the ashes to claim your unique “You-Ness”.

A Phoenix in the Making

SKU: 9789360941635
  • Author's Name: Dr. Mandavi Choudhary

    About the Author: Dr. Mandavi is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Satyawati College (Evening). She holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature (Kirori Mal College, Delhi University), a Master's Degree in English Literature (Ambedkar University, Delhi) and an MPhil in Comparative Indian Literature (The Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, Delhi University). Dr. Mandavi has recently completed her PhD from the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, Delhi University. Her area of Research is Indian Jewellery in the Present Sociocultural Context. Apart from being a Jewellery Researcher and a passionate Educator, she identifies with the American Confessional Poet, Sylvia Plath and asserts, “I am. I am. I am.”
    Book ISBN: 9789360941635
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