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A New Horizon is a new journey started by the Poetess in the direction of her love for writing. Every work of Ramaniya sends out a message and helps create a fresh new zeal towards life. Her works make us appreciate the life. They range from fictional to real life struggles, from comedy to pain, from sci-fi to philosophical., from earthly love to the heavenly. Her works surely are highly comforting, calming and soothing.
A writer becomes a poet/poetess when he/she converts the beauty of feelings into words which flow from the brush making a fascinating portrait on a canvas! - Ramaniya

A New Horizon

SKU: 9789360948238
  • Author's Name: Ramaniya K

    About the Author: Words give voice to the soul! Ramaniya writes content which makes perfect sense. Her writings are informative, relatable and philosophical. She also writes novels which include poetry and paintings also made by her. Ramaniya has also written many soul touching 'Shayaris' (poetries in Hindi/ Urdu). She is a firm believer of the fact that the Nature Heals. Nature talks if we can listen. Even her poetic work depicts how close she is to the mother nature. For her, being kind, gentle and compassionate is all this world needs. Apart from being an active member in her personal and professional life, she also likes to travel. Every piece of art, be it music, performing arts, painting, photography or anything related to art; fascinates and inspires her. Hailing from the field of education she believes that there is a strong need to show the right path to the future. Live happily and let others live too!
    Book ISBN: 9789360948238
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