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Description of the Book :


‘A Million Lonely Stars’ is a collection of poems about hope, strength, and bravery. Written by Jade Kidger, who has been on her own mental health journey, these poems are an exploration of her experiences and a collection of her thoughts and feelings throughout her battle. ‘A Million Lonely Stars’ mixes different poetry styles together to create a varied and interesting set of works, all based around a mental health theme.

A Million Lonely Stars

  • Author's Name : Jade Kidger
    About the Author : Jade Kidger is currently a Medical Student in the UK but loves writing in her spare time. She writes about her struggles with mental health and things that helped her through the tough times. When she’s not studying or writing, she loves reading crime thrillers and taking her beautiful Labrador for walks in the Derbyshire countryside. Jade would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads (and hopefully enjoys) her books - she is forever grateful.
    Book ISBN : 9782992085081
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