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Description of the Book:

This book is a piece of my heart, entitled "A Melancholy idyll: grief striken yet beautiful", a collection of poems that are beautifully sad, poems which depicts the inner torment that people face but can't show, the pain and agony of the people who're considered the luckiest but have to face a lot of inner torment in life while being so close yet so far away from the love of their life , as not all hearts are blessed to beat together, some are meant to be broken too, this book depicts the love stories of those people who loves whole heartedly even after knowing that their feelings won't be reciprocated ever.

A melancholy idyll: grief stricken yet beautiful

SKU: 9782052444384
  • Author Name: Adiya Vatsa
    About the Author: The greatest poets of all time, whose poetries touches our heart till date, were new too at an earlier time. Likewise, Adiya Vatsa, a new freelancer poet in the house , wishes to share her ideas with more and more people. She believes that sky's the limit and all you need to reach there is a little flight and a lot of passion. Although, Adiya doesn't have any prior professional experience in poetry but she do have a keen interest in sharing her ideas in the form of poetry. She also has a deep interest in creative writing , and was also selected to attend PM's Pariksha Pe Charcha event on the basis of essay writing. Adiya owns a blossoming insta page too by the name of "the_blendspace04".
    Book ISBN: 9782052444384


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