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Description of the Book:

When a thousand emotions and hidden feelings stir your soul, sometimes words become therapy . This is what 'A Maelstrom of Emotions' is all about. It is a collection of twenty poems written on various themes including nature, kindness
and inner turmoil, expressing strong emotions; experienced by most of us many a time but most of the time, they just get bottled up. The author has tried to bring out these unexpressed emotions relatable to most of us who read this book, with the help of some poems.

A Maelstrom of Emotions

  • Author Name: Shivani Rawat
    About the Author: Coucou! I am Shivani Rawat, an amateur poet from Dehradun, who loves to write on various themes. When I am not writing , I am mostly reading and spending time in nature. I love volunteering too as it gives me a chance to make a small difference in the society, on my part. Furthermore, it gives me an opportunity to interact with various people who have interesting stories to tell which inspires me to write about them. This is my first ever venture into the field of writing and publishing. Hope You All like it..!
    Book ISBN: 9789036100779


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