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Description of the Book:

It is fascinating to see that there are so many people in this world who have feelings and experiences so similar and yet so different than yours. A Little Dazzle is an eclectic collection of poems that bring everything ordinary under the spotlight. Get ready to embark upon a journey of acceptance, inclusivity, selflove, and a lot of joy. From topics like patriarchy and mental health to topics like joyous moments and childhood memories, you will be surprised at the things you have to take back by the end of this read.

A Little Dazzle

  • Author Name: Naavya Beriwal
    About the Author: Naavya is a realist and a feminist who strongly believes in the power of voice. She is an avid reader herself. She has always been an enthusiast for all works of art and creativity. In addition to writing, more of her interests include music, dance, and painting & crafts. A Little Dazzle is her debut book and she looks forward to publishing more of her works. Through this book, She aims to bring forward a new point of view of observing the things around us and spread positivity through her words.
    Book ISBN:  9784874164396


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