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"A Little Book of Quirky Poems" is the debut publication of Samantha Weber, a writer by hobby and a self-acclaimed weirdo. The inspirations behind the poems vary from nature to existential fever dreams, and each piece can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the greater context of the book.

A Little Book of Quirky Poems

SKU: 9789360947361
  • Author's Name: Samantha Weber

    About the Author: Samantha Weber is a dedicated student who spends most of her time at school. From a young age, she has shown a proficiency for the English language, and has taken great pride in the caliber of her academic writings. With the publication of her first collection of poetry, Samantha is eager to gain more exposure to the world of writing. Samantha traces her affinity for writing and storytelling back to her days at Elmwood Preschool, where she recalls music classes and basic penmanship being taught to her and her peers. She was always fascinated with language, and was adept at picking up new vocabulary. Her early connection with music serves as another probable contributor to her love of writing, having played violin since Kindergarten. As a teenager who has battled depression and anxiety for almost a decade, Samantha's work has been highly influenced by her experiences with bullying and alienation. When she isn't in class, Samantha spends her time creating digital media, singing, crafting, performing, cooking, talking with friends, and, of course, writing.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947361
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