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Description of the Book :


~ a note from the author ~

love is a political act.

to love in spite of fear, pain, and suffering is
the most powerful thing we can do
as human beings.

to choose to love
to choose to open
to choose to be vulnerable
is an act of profound bravery.

these poems are
my own personal starting point.

I don't know where this is going, but it doesn't matter.
this is a little book of love.

- Rachel Clifton
November 2021

a little book of love

SKU: 9798433116078
  • Author's Name : Rachel Clifton
    About the Author : "Rachel is a writer, entrepreneur, executive coach, and activist with lived experience of transformational change. Her mission is simple: to connect you with your deepest truthpropel you into living in whole-hearted and unapologetic alignment with your soul and -- above all else -- show you how powerful you are as you create a life of abundance, love, joy, and freedom on your own terms. She treats life as an infinite game and is passionate about paying her power and privilege forward to enable others to shine brightly."
    Book ISBN : 9798430584290
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