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Description of the Book:

The book houses a slapdash arrangement of meticulously retained memories and musings which are specific, personal and arbitrary all at the same time. This collection of poems is an attempt at fighting against the internal critics which gnaw at the confidence required to write a poem. It’s as much a success, as a failure. The poetry in here is a little like death that marks the end of a trial and a lot like life, the trial in itself.

A Life Sentence

  • Author Name: Mansi Sharma
    About the Author: Mansi is a paradox. She loves the simplicity of being and yet chooses to describe herself by a figure of speech. In no particular order, mangoes, elephants, cats and bike rides make her happy. She is incredibly grateful for the people in her life. As an educator, she works with teenagers and seeks to create a kinder world, one story at a time.
    Book ISBN: 9781005154585


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