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Description of the Book:


A compilation of poems that demonstrate the weight of grief and how it impacts on everyday things, in everyday life. A book that others can hopefully, relate to, and will bring reassurance and some comfort. Real experiences demonstrating that whilst the so called stages of grief are real, they are in no way linear.

Hopefully this book can be a sensitive gift at a time of loss that will bring comfort to others as they negotiate their own journey through grief.

A journey through grief

SKU: 9789358315257
  • Author's Name: Pam Robinson

    About the Author: Pam, originally from Pembrokeshire, followed her dream and trained as a Teacher of the Deaf at Manchester University, where she met her husband Nige. Together they had two amazing daughters Kate and Jess. Pam spent many challenging, but enjoyable years teaching the deaf and supporting their families, in a variety of settings in the South East of England. A career she is very proud of. After a diagnosis of breast cancer the couple decided they needed to start taking life more easily and set off on a new retirement adventure together in a beautiful village, in North Devon. Life was good but then everything changed on a holiday in Antigua when, following a snorkeling trip, Nige collapsed and died. Life changed over night and Pam found herself negotiating a journey of grief. As she had done so often over the years, she turned to poetry, to ease and express her feelings. This book is a compilation of those poems. Pam always promised Nige one day she would publish a book and this is it. Her first and hopefully not her last.
    Book ISBN: 9789358315257
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