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Description of the Book :


A Journey into My Mind, Body and Soul is a collection of poems that dive into a young person's path as they tackle mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, bullying and perfection. The poems depict a spectrum of emotions that range from the darkest of times to serene calmness.

A Journey into My Mind, Body and Soul

SKU: 9798431290145
  • Author's Name : Sabrina Souviron Gumucio
    About the Author : Sabrina Souviron Gumucio was born in La Paz, Bolivia and raised in London. Being a creative soul, Sabrina found many outlets to let her wild imagination run free, whether it was singing musical theatre at a local concert or filming a low-budget horror film for her Level 3 BTEC in Creative Media Production. At age 11, she won the Young Writers’ Mini Sagas competition which led to her poem being chosen for publication. Sabrina is a poet, writer and storyteller. A Journey into My Mind, Body and Soul is Sabrina's first book.
    Book ISBN : 9798431290145
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