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Description of the Book:

‘A Flawed Obsession’ is an anthology of poems of a mentally disturbed protagonist dealing with loss, love, and leisure in his life. The book contains twenty poems focusing on how the protagonist gets obsessed with different characters in his life; be it his mother, love or friends. There are many emotions & activities displayed in the poems that are unconventional or evidently cruel to the general society; however, they are fair-minded and completely acceptable to the protagonist because whatever he feels, does and says are his true emotions. Period! Although it is hard to depict true love with gruesome murder, selfless emotion with suicide and sigh of relief with losing someone, I have attempted to knit it thoroughly for all my readers to connect & relate with disturbed ‘Dhoundhu’ and realize the extent of human emotions & more. The unaltered emotion of Dhoundhu defines A Flawed Obsession true-heartedly. A guiding suggestion would be: Take a small pause after each comma without breaking the continuity of the aroused thought and wait eagerly after each full-stop to begin another beautiful thought on the same theme. There might be grammatically incorrect sentence formations in a few poems ‘coz our flaws make us perfect and that is what I aspire to profess.

A Flawed Obsession

  • Author Name: Yash Kanodia
    About the Author: Yash Kanodia, a.k.a. Dhoundhu, is an extrovert Marwari, primarily interested in two things: Food & Poetry. His love for writing poetry emerged when he was in 8th standard; what started as cheesy teenage love poetry transformed into writings about complex human emotions and ill practices prevalent in society. The idea behind all his poems is to tell all the broken souls in the world that they are not alone. He loves to observe people, personalities, & behavior and writes about the emotions they tend to hide due to societal pressure or lack of confidence. Having candid conversations and eating gives him unimaginable pleasure (P.S. Desserts are his weakness). He completed his schooling from Seth Anandram Jaipuria, Kanpur, and completed his graduation from Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. He was an avid sportsperson during his school days and became a freelance event manager during his graduation. He also worked as a content strategist & brand consultant for a couple of years. Currently, he is pursuing his MBA from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad. He believes that small actions transform into world-changing events, and the one who has an eye for detail can win the world over with a smile. Although his poems contain intense thoughts and emotions, you will always find him smiling and making everyone around him have a great time. His motto is, "A filled belly is content, still eat one more bite to be happy." Keep Sharing | Keep Eating | Keep Living


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