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Description of the Book: 


When there is pain and the wound is out of sight, you have to cut deep to let it find its way out. The book navigates through a range of emotions felt through twenty days, one day at a time. It tries to capture the storms that have passed and deals with its remains. The collection is made up of bits of reality and unspoken rules at large. The poems included are raw to their core, short-phrased, and would successfully leave you thinking.


  • Author Name: Shaika Shaika
    About the Author: Shaika is a quiet soul who likes to observe her surroundings to navigate well through the big lies around. She grew up in a protected community with closed gates and holes in its foundation. Those holes were enough for her to paint the world in its dark shade, untainted of common biases and rules. Shaika firmly believes in her ideas and often shares them through her private Instagram @miss_clumsy_feet


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