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Description of the Book :


This book is a collection of poems that may seem childish to some but those who can dive a little deeper may find something they were not expecting. I will recommend my readers not to set some expectations before reading this; Just hope to find something...something that might make you smile. It is possible that you might not find anything different, but it is also possible that you may find something extraordinary. Everyone has a child inside them, who has been long forgotten! Dare for a trip down memory lane? To find out, take a leap of faith and dive within. Hope to see you on the other side

A Dive Within - Know Yourself OR No Yourself

SKU: 9781005785024
  • Author's Name :  Ankur Gupta
    About the Author :  I am from Varanasi, I have recently completed my MBA from IMT, Hyderabad. I am just an ordinary guy who believes in little moments in life and enjoys my every day. I believe in collecting memories more than numbers on a piece of paper. For me, the best way of learning is to apply your knowledge practically. Instagram: @ankur339
    Book ISBN :  9781005785024
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