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Description of the Book: 
Ever Wondered what does a conversation between a Happy Go Lucky person and his Dark Side is like?In this book of poems, topics such as Love, Heart Break, Death, and Relateable Social Scenarios are unified by a theme of Dark Undertone.Are you ready to enter the Bright Mind through a Tunnel of Darkness?Carry a Torch. It Gets Dark in Here.

A Colloquy in the Dark

  • Author's Name: Keerthan Shashidhar

    About the Author: Keerthan Shashidhar is at heart, a carefree boy from a small town Bhramavara, Udupi, Karnataka. He grew up in the United Arab Emirates and came down to India for his Undergraduate Course (BDS) and Post-Graduate Course (MDS)He has always had a great love for art ( especially acrylic and charcoal sketching). He has poured his creative side into a novella 'Turmoil Within' as well as writing poems that have a dark tone to them.This artistic side also translates into making him a proficient Orthodontist practicing in Mangalore. His creative approach to patient management and quality of work can be attested to by all his patients.Besides the love of arts, he has a passion for Gaming and playing sports such as Badminton/Table Tennis and rocking out to Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, 30 seconds to Mars, and the likes of the Same.To conclude, Dr. Keerthan Shetty Shashidhar is a Creative artist and a passionate doctor while still having the heart of a dreamer!

    Book's ISBN: 9789394136243


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