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Description of the Book:


‘A Choice of Life’ is a collection of poems exploring themes of love, loss, hope and resilience. Some of these poems are simple musings of the heart while some are an attempt to capture experiential intricacies.
In this evocative collection, every verse is an attempt to regulate and reiterate emotions that paint the canvas of human soul. Each poem invites the readers to delve deeper within mysteries of self.
With lyrical elegance and simple insight, the poet attempts to capture the essence of some simple and some complex inspirations that interconnect us in shared humanity.
While you hold ‘A Choice of Life’ in your hand, remember to breathe deeply with every verse. Remember to testify to yourself what you have hidden deep within the labyrinth of stockpile of societal expectations in you. Remember to take this book as the journey of words and sounds of magic.

A Choice of Life

SKU: 9789360948511
  • Author's Name: Jai Kothari

    About the Author: Jai Kothari, from Rajkot, Gujarat, is a full-time educator and a hobby writer. He aspires to influence posterity through his example and wants to divert the younger generations towards poetry and the magic of words. He is also a story-teller and wishes to be an international best-seller. Though he would like to be a renowned name in literature, he contents himself discovering poetry in the children he teaches. For him, human life is the greatest poetry ever written.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948511
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