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Societal messaging had trapped me in negative mental cycles. When I realized that my physical body could expire unexpectedly because my father passed away, I had a reckoning that my inaction towards having a better life could be less desirable than stepping into unfamiliar territories. This book is just another way to manifest what I want now by imaginatively remixing cultural influences. A collection of poetry, perhaps best described as speculative.

A Chinese Ouroboros

SKU: 9789360942243
  • Author's Name: Ryan Shen

    About the Author: Ryan Shen (they/them) is a trans man who grew up in New York City (unceded territory of the Lenape) with immigrant parents from Taiwan. They participated in GAPA's “This is 2020,” an interdisciplinary writing workshop series that embraced the importance of representation and encouraged writing in multiple formats. They are dedicated to unlearning colonized ideas of how to relate to humans and ideas of intimacy, as first informed by Kim TallBear's “more than monogamy” practices. They write to process emotions in the formats of poetry/prose, plays, storytelling and personal narratives, but reserves hope in the form of flash fiction/poems and essays.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942243
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