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Description of the Book:

Happiness, pleasure, pain and sorrow; relationships bring a roller-coaster of emotion that we all can understand. This collection of short poems speaks to the inner emotions of heartache and love that will leave readers asking for more.

A Breath Between Stars

  • Author Name: Amie Lightfoot
    About the Author: Amie Pouliot found her voice during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amie is from a small town in Southern New Hampshire just miles from the majestic White Mountains. In her free time she loves being with her son, Liam, and nephew, Callen. Amie enjoys her yearly trips to Disney World and has been known to sing along to every Disney song- especially in Mulan. Amie has also written a children's book that will be making its way to the shelves in late 2021.
    Book ISBN:  9786097812689


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