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Description of the Book:

Thank you so much for wanting to read this book! :)
This is a compilation of some of my poems that are very dear to me. A lot of times we feel certain things which we are unable to quite express, this is precisely an attempt in finding that inner voice and expression. So I hope through the poems you read in here, you may be able to see a little part of yourself finding its place through these words! Happy reading :)

A book of Subtle Emotions

  • Author Name: Twesha Ghosh
    About the Author: Twesha Ghosh is a 25 year old artist based out of Bangalore. Though a Chartered Accountant by profession, she is a passionate singer/songwriter, poet and an actor. She has been writing poems since the age of 10 and she feels that poetry is an outlet to all that she observes and imbibes in the journey of her life. Do follow her on her instagram: @twesha_ghosh
    Book ISBN: 9789394136793


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