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Description of the Book:

This book contains raw and honest emotions of someone who is incapable of expressing them verbally. Everything that she is, she has turned into these poems.
This is a collection of all her love, and random thoughts that have been put on paper over the years. Whenever emotions got overwhelming, words have been her escape, written in ink over white skin.
This book is someone's heart.

The BlueBird’s Song

  • Author Name: Purvi Krishna
    About the Author: I have always wanted to write. I still remember my first poem, only 10 lines long! It was like a prized possession! Honestly, I never thought I could write, so for a young 16 year old me, that was the best that I could get and I sang that poem in front of every person who would listen! But that was just the start, one poem became two, then there were twenty. Back then, I had no trust in myself or my abilities. These little bundles of words and feelings were my babies and I believed that I somehow got this ability and it was kind of like on a loan, and I was going to run out! That was the 17 year old me! Ever since I wrote that childish 10 line poem, I have wanted to publish a book. I wanted it to be in black, etched on the skin of white, good sturdy sheets, a hardcover and that newly printed book smell! This nerd had imagined it all! This book contains all my heart, all the love that I have, and my memories.
    Book ISBN:9780111517444


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