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"21 Thoughts from 21 Years, a short poetry collection featuring a reminiscent ream of frustrations, joys, and dedications to the people and things which have played part in shaping the life of the author, Emily Meldrum, in her first two decades on Earth.

Two parts epic limerick, three parts sonnet, and a plethora of random musings, this book of emotional vomit might just be the thing you need to touch base with reality again, find wonder in the complexity of a great wide world full of fantastic people you have never met, or it may just be a good stocking filler - who knows!"

21 Thoughts from 21 Years

SKU: 9798419628250
  • Author's Name :  Emily Meldrum
    About the Author : "Emily writes for fun, because not everyone can be perfectly gifted, but why on Earth should that put us off?! Besides writing messy poems Emily is a doting big sister to four siblings, a wife to a doting husband, and an endlessly unorganised student of Arts and Humanities (Classical Studies). One day she hopes to feel a little more in control of her life."
    Book ISBN : 9798419628250
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