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Description of the Book :


An anthology of poems written during the December 2021 writing challenge, to write a poem a day for 21 days. Inspired predominantly by motherhood, northern life and the odd story from dental world. My poems sound better read aloud in a broad East Lancashire accent as they were intended. They can however be enjoyed by anyone and everyone with a sense of humor or annoying obnoxious personality like my own.

21 Poems From 2021

SKU: 9798433849938
  • Author's Name : Antonia Perry
    About the Author : "Antonia is an amateur writer with a passion for poetry, spoken word and lyrics.She lives in Accrington with her Daughter Iris Elizabeth and her English Bulldog Barkley. She has a successful career in dentistry and is currently employed as a dental therapist, working across various sites in East Lancashire. If she isn’t writing, you’ll find her listening to music and badly dancing."
    Book ISBN : 9798433849938
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