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Description of the Book:


This book is a collection of 21 of my choicest poetries and proses. Each page is a journey of new feeling and expression just like every new beat of our hearts.

It mesmerises me how multiple of hearts, so distant and far from each other, can connect through words and poetries.

This book is my attempt to connect all such hearts together that have, at some point in life, felt these emotions. Through this collection I am sending 21 of my heart beats to each of my readers wishing that it could heal you.

So, set your heart free and let it beat, and the life will transform every beat into a beautiful poetry and make it immortal.

"21 Beats" - A poem for every mood of your heart

SKU: 9789360945992
  • Author's Name: Anamika Pathak

    About the Author: Anamika is a dreamer, an empath and a fearless speaker. However, she is a great beliver in the power of words and hence often pens down her emotions in the pages of her diary. She is a practising lawyer and an artist and she beliefs that every aspect of her being is a part of her identity. 21 beats is a her first book and in many ways her passion project. 21 Beats is literally a collection of every emotion she has personally felt. 21 beats - or rather each beat of the heart is exactly how she is. A beat that tells you to live to the fullest, a beat to make you feel happy, a beat to experience the pain and a beat to come through the pain like an absolute winner. However, this is not just about Anamika. This is about every person who have felt love, everyone who have been hurt, everyone who have been confused, everyone who fell out of love and everyone who have learnt to cope up with the time and become a better version of themselves. I wouldn’t say that 21 beats is the best thing you’ll ever read, but 21 beats is the best thing you’ll ever feel. And you’ll feel it in a way, that every forgotten emotion, every forgotten smile and every forgotten triumph will come back slowly to you and stay with you under your pillow like that perfect dream, that you forgot to dream.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945992
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