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Description of the Book:

This book is a journey through a vast spectrum of emotions- expressed in a succinct, acrostic and meaningful manner. It elucidates various chapters of the human experience, to which you will relate or receive food for thought. It has something for all levels of literacy and maturity. I guarantee enjoyment, whether you're a light reader or you read between the lines. The pages ahead are not just collections of sentences where the last word of every sentence was forced to rhyme with the last word of another in order to constitute a poem. It could warrant serious consideration or scrutiny, but I have written it simply for the joy of reading and writing. There are didactic, allegorical, optimistic, nihilistic, existential philosophies employed in them (to name a few). I do not urge you to break it all down, but feel free to. I will not restrict your interpretation by sharing my own analyses of these poems. (Many poems are fairly straightforward to understand) Still, I wish the words inside this book exude hope and positivity even when they are touching on darker themes. There is no age restriction for this book, however some poems may be more relevant to mature readers. The title “20 Verses 20” refers to the 20 day writing challenge I went through and spontaneously generated 20 poems from the mind, all of this while I had turned 20 years old.

20 Verses 20: 20 Rhymes of Reason

SKU: 9789358364255
  • Author Name: Shreyansh Gupta
    About the Author: Shreyansh Gupta is a commercial pilot trained for his license in Canada, also a writer with experience in writing articles and cover stories for The Telegraph’s youth edition. He is also a freelance musician and songwriter. At the age of just past teens, while writing this book, Shreyansh hopes to acquire more merits and designations in the years to come. Although he is more intrigued to become a novelist and storyteller, Shreyansh has fancied writing poetry since his elementary school days. Without age or mentorship on his side, Shreyansh has been a budding author, still exploring his flair in different genres of writing, but poetry was always spontaneous for him. He has been a profound thinker, sometimes needlessly an overthinker too. Although his inclination is towards realism, Shreyansh deeply enjoys fiction and fantasy too. Born in Kolkata, India, into an aviation family, Shreyansh has had the opportunity to travel and explore a lot of his own country as well as across the borders and continents. He is also an aspiring aviator which would give wings to his passion of travelling and learning about different cultures, human aspects and living to see all kinds of scenic beauties in this world. This collection is his first publication. He has several works in progress that he wishes to put out there when the time comes to launch each of them.


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