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Description of the Book:

A caleidoscope of mental snapshots, 20 in 21 explores the fragmented experience of an unprecedented time. Through the lense of a woman, subjects like white priviledge, the struggle for self-acceptance as well as poetics move into and out of focus in quick progression. Formally the poems swing back and forth between free form and more traditional approaches to rythm and rhyme, but always keep their spoken word character. These poems are meant to be read out loud, discussed, dismissed, or identified with.

20 in 21

SKU: 9789358363388
  • Author Name: M. Susanna Eskelinen
    About the Author: 
    Susanna Eskelinen is a Finnish born, German bred, English speaking free spirit. She never felt at home in a place, so she created one in all three languages. After majoring in English and German literature and linguistics at Ludwig Maximillian University Munich, her path of professional fulfilment never did run smooth: From teaching German and English as a foreign language over public relations all the way to customer-facing roles and sales, she explored various aspects of language and its function. Currently the creative at heart is reviving her passion for painting, creative and song writing and building a community for fellow art lovers and soul seekers.


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