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I began writing poetry without realizing I was writing poetry. The need was to describe what I felt without having to produce a short film or compose a song. What started as a simple section and small reflection of my life turned soon into both the sun and the moon of everything I do. My friend Macee described me as both these celestial bodies once. Thank you, Macee. I will remember this forever. Each of these poems is pulled from my first volume of little book big thoughts. It's a small notebook I carry around in my bag to pull out when I need to document the feeling, the thinking, or any ounce of inbetweening. Each poem appears in authentic chronological order to my life and without any edits. I write in pen and in only a moment. I value the bank where my shore of reality is met with the crashing waves of fantasticality above all else. I hope you do as well.



SKU: 9781005190354
  • Author Name : Kimberly Girkin
    About the Author : Kimberly Girkin has lived a lot for an 18 year old girl, although, truly just as much as all other 18 year olds everywhere. With every achievement, accolade, and piece of artwork, she just hopes to better represent the truth and the beauty of what life can be. She loves the theatre, cinema, fine arts, music, dance, and all the romance in between. Spreading that love in any capacity would mean more to her than all the anythings.
    Book ISBN : 9781005190354


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