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Description of the Book:

Life is challenging to deal with, but you conquer every second of it, even in deep pain!
When someone speaks to their inner self, millions of thoughts and emotions amalgamate together, and they still cannot find a simple answer for their endless questions. Everyone seeks answers to their twisted questions to find peace and happiness.
This book is wired with all of my unprocessed/processed thoughts that have eventually helped me overcome my fears, my compiled thoughts which I wanted to scream out loud, the sadness, the pain, the negativity, all of it was detoxed as a flash of positiveness always came to me at the end of it. I got a powerful medium of poetry to express it all and feel the energy flow wisely into the words I wrote. It encouraged me and made me feel alive. The key is not to seek answers reluctantly but to explore, get to know you as you, enclose your innocence, and accept yourself as the person you are!

Always embrace and love yourself!

1 Am - The self talk hour

SKU: 9786572912132
  • Author Name: Jagruti Garia
    About the Author: Jagruti is a passionate person who likes to pen down her emotions and experiences and proffer an optimistic view in all her poems. She is an engineer with a fulltime job who also loves to sing songs, write parodies and perform open mic shows, share her thoughts openly, and express her love and joy with the entire world. Her dream is to travel around the world at her own expense and become an independent person who wants to excel with whatever she determines to do. She is a bit of a procrastinator but stubborn when it comes to doing something for her passion and hopes it remains this way, except for the procrastination part!
    Book ISBN: 9786572912132


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