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कविताओं का गुच्छा जो विभिन्न इच्छाओं को दर्शाता है। कही–अनकही, सुनी–अनसुनी किस्सों का, परिस्थितियों का होना, होने की चाहत रखना, उन्हें एक मुकम्मल जहां मिलना और ना मिलना – ये किताब इन सबका एक प्रतिबिम्ब है।


SKU: 9789363312524
  • Author's Name: Gargy Mukherjee

    About the Author: A seeker by passion, an artist and writer by nature and a Geophysicist by profession; Gargy holds a Master’s degree in Applied Geophysics from IIT (ISM) and works with a Multinational Corporate (Oil & Gas major). She is anchor and broadcaster for the Palava TV channel for the local pujas and festive celebrations and for the Pinkathon (fitness group), Palava & Dombivli events in Mumbai. She learns Kathak, write poems and short stories in English, Hindi and Bengali and takes keen interest in following her passion. She is also fond of recitation which can be accessed at her YouTube Channel: Gargy Mukherjee. Presently, she lives in Mumbai with her family.
    Book ISBN: 9789363312524
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