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सब कहते हैं कि हर कार्य का एक निर्धारित समय होता है। यही मेरे माता पिता ने भी हमें सिखाया। पर किसी ने ये नही बताया कि वो समय सही होता है या गलत। हर इंसान अपने अंदर हजारों सैकड़ों बातें छिपाए रहता है। मेरे अंदर भी ऐसी ही कई बातें है जिनकी लहरें रोज मचलती रहती है। उन्ही लेहरों को बाहर लाने की कोशिश है ये कविताओं की डोली। मन की बात में मैंने बिना सोचे समझे बस अपने दिल से आई आवाज को दर्शाया है। उम्मीद करती हूं की ये बातें मेरे पिता तक पहुंचे जो एक सितारा बने अब हमें राह दिखाते रहते हैं।

मन की बात

SKU: 9789358738216
  • Author's Name: Pragya Chinmay

    About the Author: Pragya Chinmay, a new and emerging voice in the world of words. She has started the journey to make a significant mark with her debut in writing. Besides years of industry and academic experiences as a design professional, she is a wife and a mother of two lovely girls. Born and brought up in Bihar, now a resident of Noida, is a graduate in Design from NIFT Delhi and further MBA from NMIMS. Amidst all her different roles and personality, she strongly believes in the inner voice and peace that follows after it. Losing her father in covid was a major setback in her life and she always wanted to give him a peaceful tribute. This short anthology is an attempt of the same. This collection of words are the feelings straight from her heart to the paper. She aims to give a kickstart to her long due passion of writing and attain peace. Pragya is a strong believer of versatility and she always holds a mantra --- keep your appearances low and principles high.
    Book ISBN: 9789358738216
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