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Description of the Book:

ये इक्कीस कविताओं की किताब नहीं है ये सोच के रची हुई नज्में नही है ये बस इक्कीस पल है ऐसे पल जो कई तरह से महसूस हो इस किताब में मै हु , वो है , जिंदगी है , प्यार है , सफर है , धूप है , चाव है , शामें है. अगर कोई कविता तुम्हे समझ न आए तो उसे वही न छोड़ना , कुछ कविताएं नई नई शर्माती है , उन्हे वक्त दो.

बस यूंही ...

  • Author Name: Musk
    About the Author: Manas Kasar aka Musk, soon to be a Dentist by profession, took off with his journey of poetry with Marathi literature and is still in it's flow . Fascinated by Gulzar sahab's work, he also started following Hindi poetry and is now into English literary works too. With a very intriguing style of writing, MUSK strikes a perfect blend of all three to create his own writing which is very relatable, uncomplicated and effortless. He believes that, "Each poem unfolds a chapter of life .... or may be it is inverse....!!" Amongst many other things, Manas Kasar is a Tabla Visharad, an avid photographer and a painter.
    Book ISBN: 9780986350344


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