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Description of the Book:


If you are reading the description because you want to know WHY you should buy/read this book, the answer to this is ironically simple-QUESTIONS. Najaane, a collection of shayaris, is an honest take on the nature of everything between heaven and earth. It evokes the reader through a narrative weaved around deeper questions in life, ranging from themes of belief and worship to nature and self. With a philosophical basis in rethinking truth, the couplets in Najaane explore the pleasure in questioning that fills the soul more than finding answers ever will. Read this book whenever you can and notice how your answers to the questions raised change as time goes by.

नाजाने: Najaane

  • Author's Name: Mukund Vishwanath
    About the Author: Mukund Vishwanath is an 18-year-old(born in 2002) from Hyderabad, India. Being an enthusiast of sports, public speaking, entrepreneurship, and quantum physics, he has always enjoyed asking questions. The quarantine during covid-19 was indifferent, however, after being mesmerized by the beauty of poetry and its alluring form of expression, he then started dwelling on philosophical questions of art, life, nature, and self-love. Mukund is currently working on his own startups and research papers, to keep his mind working while writing poetry, and trying out new cuisines to keep his heart happy.
    Book ISBN: 9781005749330


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