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डॉ. अभिव्यंजना श्रीवास्तव का संग्रह "जो मन कहता है” मानवीय भावनाओं का जीवंत दस्तावेज़ है, जो पाठकों को सुकून और नया जीवन-दर्शन देता है।

"पढ़िए और अपने दिल की गहराइयों को महसूस कीजिए।"

जो मन कहता है

SKU: 9789360940744
  • Author's Name: Abhivyanjana Srivastava

    About the Author: Dr. Abhivyanjana Srivastava, an Indian author with a PhD in Hindi Literature, is a dynamic freelancer specializing in content creation and social media management. Her podcast, "Jo Mann Kehta Hai," offers listeners worldwide a glimpse into her thoughts and creations. With over 350+ heart-touching poems and quotes shared on her Instagram handle, Dr. Srivastava's words resonate deeply with her audience, making them feel seen and heard. Her commitment to delivering powerful messages is evident in her meticulous research and content development. She has authored two published research books, "Ram Vilas Sharma ki Kavitayein" and "Samantar Kahani Vastu aur Shilp," which highlight her intellectual prowess and depth of knowledge.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940744
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