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Description of the Book :


Jazbaati Titli is a collection of poems and thoughts of a silly simple girl . The poet's imagination of life is captured in the vividly described poems. The poems are written in Hindi.The poems are appealing to the young generation. Key Features: The book describes poetries and thoughts in very simple words , you don't have to be a poet to read it , just feel it!

जज़्बाती तितली - लफ़्ज़ों की खुशबू की एक दीवानी

  • Author's Name :  Rucha Trivedi
    About the Author :  Rucha Trivedi is not really a Shayar but she is an extremely emotional simple small town girl with a keen observation of people and the emotional drama that’s played out in human life. Not only her experience but also others experiences with life has made her a master crafts girl with an ability to portray human emotions with amazing ease. She has done so in her Shayari book in Hindi. Rucha is a dreamer, she has served her colorful pretty dreams in form of words in this shayri book.She was born in Ahmedabad and raised in a small town called Godhra and her parents were her first teachers, who taught her to be humble and grounded.
    Book ISBN :  9781005289935
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