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Description of the book

This book is based on true emotions experienced at some point of life and is very much general to be relatable to everyone who reads it. This book can be read by anyone irrespective of their age as the lines of the poems have something to say to everyone and 20 poems have 20 stories of life comprising of 20 emotions . The title जज़्बात is choosen only because of the base of the book that is the emotions attached to every experiences faced by one.


  • Amulya Kumar
    Hello I am Amulya Kumar resident of city of cultures Varanasi a 21 year old boy pursuing graduation . I am a social activist along with my passion of writing & I too am fond of travelling . I am strong believer of the idea of living in present and making most of it and every step one takes in his life should never regret it as either you succeed in what you wanted or you get a proper experience of doing something and in both the scenarios it's a win win situation.


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